Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (2005)

This is the first Tangerine Dream album to feature their now classic sequencer-driven sound, which kicked off the whole Berlin School genre. This album marked the beginning of the group's international success and was their first album released on the British Virgin records label. It achieved a six-figure sale in the UK, reaching No.15 in the charts in a 15-week run, with virtually no air play, only by strong word-of-mouth. It also earned the group a gold disc in Australia, and yet amazingly in their native Germany it sold barely 6,000. "Alpha Centauri" outsold it by nearly four-to-one.

The title track and "Movements of a Visionary" rely on Christopher Franke's use of the Moog analog sequencer as a substitute for bass guitar. "Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares" features Edgar Froese soloing on a Mellotron which is treated to slowly sweeping filter effects. "Sequent C'" is a short but memorable piece by Peter Baumann on flute, with tape echo.


bulut on 7:22 am said...

Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares
Movements Of A Visionary
Sequent C'

24_frames on 6:38 pm said...

Nice review, a couple of points. The Moog hardly substitutes the bass guitar, as there's stll bass guitar on the title track (Edgar doubles parts at one point). The 'filter' effect on Mysterious Semblence is an fact a Phaser. AFAIK

24_frames on 7:25 pm said...

Tangerine Dream are playing at the Forum Kentish town in London on November 1st, 2008 (Expect almost 3 hours of music, including tracks from Tangram, Stratosfear, Hyperborea and Views from a Red Train plus a full laser show). Tickets available now!!!!

6 days later they are in the USA appearing at the Royce Hall, UCLA, in Los Angeles. Tickets available from tomorrow (July 23rd)...BUT over 1000 have already been sold to students of the University (before they go on sale to joe public) leaving just 750. So hurry if you're interested, otherwise you'll miss TD's only US gig in over a decade


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