Supertramp - Breakfast in America

  1. "Gone Hollywood" - 5:19
  2. "The Logical Song" - 4:10
  3. "Goodbye Stranger" - 5:50
  4. "Breakfast in America" - 2:39
  5. "Oh Darling" - 4:02
  6. "Take the Long Way Home" - 5:08
  7. "Lord Is It Mine" - 4:09
  8. "Just Another Nervous Wreck" - 4:25
  9. "Casual Conversations" - 2:58
  10. "Child of Vision" - 7:28

Breakfast in America is the sixth album by the band Supertramp. It was released in 1979.

The album was recorded in 1978 at The Village Recorder. Tensions between Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies started to come to the fore on this album. Rick didn't like the song Breakfast in America and he didn't want the album titled Breakfast in America and originally opted for either Working Title or Hello Stranger.

The album's front cover was designed by the late Mike Doud and depicted Kate Murtagh as a Statue of Liberty figure holding a glass of orange juice instead of a torch and the background featured a city made from cornflake box, ashtray, cutlery (for the wharfs), eggboxes, vinegar, ketchup and mustard bottles, all spraypainted white. The twin World Trade Center towers appear as two stacks of boxes and the plate of breakfast represents Battery Park where the Staten Island Ferry leaves from.

The back cover photo, depicting the band members having breakfast while reading their respective hometown newspapers, was taken at a diner called "Bert's Mad House."

Despite the turmoil, Breakfast in America became Supertramp's biggest selling album with over 4 million copies sold in the US alone to date and was #1 on Billboard's Pop Albums Chart for six weeks in the spring and summer of 1979. The album also hit #1 in Europe, Canada and Australia.


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* Producers: Peter Henderson, Supertramp
* Rehearsal: Southcombe Studios, Burbank, CA
* Recording: The Village Recorder/Studio B, Los Angeles, CA
* Mixing: Crystal Sound/Studio B, Los Angeles, CA
* Engineer: Peter Henderson of Air London
* Assistant engineers: Lenise Bent, Jeff Harris
* Re-Mastering (2002): Greg Calbi, Jay Messina
* Oberheim Programming: Gary Mielke
* Concert sound engineer: Russel Pope
* Art direction: Mike Doud, Mick Haggerty
* Design: Mick Haggerty
* Cover design: Mick Haggerty
* Cover art concept: Mike Doud
* Artwork: Mike Doud
* Photography: Mark Hanauer
* Cover photo: Aaron Rapoport

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