Placebo - Meds

Meds as an album, is not a grand achievement in Placebo's musical capabilities. Some tracks do have a nice pop cleanliness to them that is very catchy, while others seem to lack inspiration. Molko said he was on meds, and i truly believe this album is better if either: you are on any drugs, or you actually have a respect for going back to the old, trying the new, etc. The production value that Sleeping With Ghosts had was tampered down and more repetative on this album, not to mention the lyrics. I am sad to say that this album was actually a disappointment. Sorry Brian, Stefan, Steve, don't let the producer take over your work after its done
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bulut on 10:26 am said...


01. Meds (feat. VV of The Kills)
02. Infra-Red
03. Drag
04. Space Monkey
05. Follow The Cops Back Home
06. Post Blue
07. Because I want You
08. Blind
09. Pierrot The Clown
10. Broken Promise (feat. Michael Stipe)
11. One Of a Kind
12. In The Cold Light Of Morning
13. Song To Say Goodbye

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