NEW 2005 ALBUMS(Epica,Korn,Sepultura)

Epica -The Score- (2005)
1. Vengeance is mine
2. Unholy Trinity
3. The Valley

4. Caught in a web
5. Insomnia

6. Under the aegis
7. Trois vierges
8. Mystica

9. Valley of sins
10. Empty gaze
11. The alleged paradigm
12. Supremacy
13. Beyond the depth
14. Epitome

15. Inevitable embrace
16. Angel of death
17. The ultimate return

18. Trois vierges - reprise

It is quite unusual for a metal band to release an almost instrumental album consisting only of film music. It has been widely known that all the Epica members are big fans of movie soundtracks. In almost every interview they talk about their love for famous movie composers, such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman or John Williams. Their release "The Score" An Epic Journey" includes only film music, without metal or rock elements. The album features pieces used for the new Dutch movie, "Joyride." Mark Jansen, Epica's main composer and the drive behind this project, once described this album as "Consign to Oblivion" without grunts, guitars and the rhythm section.

KorN - See you on the other side (2005)
1. Twisted transistor
2. Politics
3. Hypocrites

4. Souvenir
5. 10 or a 2-way
6. Throw me away
7. Love song
8. Open up
9. Coming undone
10. Getting off
11. Liar
12. For no one
13. Seen it all
14. Tearjerker

Korn knows how to make music worth listening for hours on end. But, they also know how to make some songs that one would just want to skip every time they play the CD. Nonetheless, this group is going to rock out with their...songs out until the day they, well, choose to do otherwise.
Brilliant. A marriage of metal, techno,and prog. Very original and different Thank god they continue to evolve and Jon is doing things with his voice I never thought he was capable of. Haters be damned this is amazing stuff!


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