Iggy and The Stooges - Raw Power

Track list:
1. Search And Destroy
2. Gimme Danger
3. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
4. Penetration
5. Raw Power
6. I Need Somebody
7. Shake Appeal
8. Death Trip

The Stooges are a rock music band that first existed in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Stooges—like The Velvet Underground—sold rather few records in their original existence and often performed for indifferent or hostile audiences. (And like has been said about the Velvet Underground, the handful of people who first bought the Stooges' records ended up forming bands of their own.)

Nevertheless, the Stooges are often regarded as hugely influential both on the then-nascent heavy metal music and on later punk rock ( protopunk). Singer Iggy Pop and his wild onstage antics were often the focus of attention.


Siamese Dogs Records on 10:42 am said...

Welcome to Siamese Dogs Records! Home of The Godfathers of Punk and out of control Rock & Roll!
A compilation of Siamese Records Punk/Rock Bands, released today on Siamese Dogs Records, a label set up by Philippe MOGANE. He first set out to the States in 71 to track down the Stooges, found them, took pictures of them (a few exclusive ones in the inlay), and released I GOT A RIGHT/GIMME SOME SKIN on the Siamese label with then Stooges guitarist, James WILLIAMSON as V.P. This kicks off the pre-street punk party and along the way you'll get the original "Neutron Bomb" by The Controllers, a track that inspired the Weirdos. Black Sabbath and Doors fanatics - The Weasels toured for a few years in Southern California with Van Halen opening up for them (pre-spandex), they contribute "Beat Her With A Rake" a song about .. You guessed it, woman beating! Although the general public decided to storm record shops to destroy the record, it was nevertheless deemed a classic and was played the shit out of on KROQ (Probably LA's biggest Rock station.) The Attitude contribute Hound Dog (Yes, that one) with Little Richard (Yes, that one) on piano! Deemed too blasphemous at the time, it didn't get any airplay at all, and the band ended up "killing each other" whilst trying to record an album. Max Lazer was probably one of the What you get here is an excellent insight into some of the best bands LA had to offer.
Come Punkin’ in the Free World!!
Mickey Finn & the Blue Men album "Black Hole", PM 1002 SDR.
P.L.M.B., PM 1003 SDR
IN VITRO, "Iz Paris Still Rockin'?", PM 1004 SDR

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