HIM - Razorblade romance (1999)

HIM - Razorblade romance (1999)[Modern Music Recommended]

Razorblade Romance is the second album by HIM, released on January 24, 2000. It was produced by John Fryer and distributed by the local BMG company. All songs and lyrics on the album are composed by Ville Valo.

This is the album that made HIM huge in Europe when their single Join Me in Death was featured in the sci-fi movie The Thirteenth Floor. It reached #1 on German sales charts, going platinum, and is the biggest-selling single in Finnish music history.

Razorblade Romance was released shortly after in the U.S. under the moniker HER. Appearently, there was a jazz band in Chicago named HiM and they did not want to give up the rights to their name. Eventually, HIM bought the rights to use their name in the United StatesJimmy Franks Recording Company, run by Jimmy Pop, singer of the Pennsylvania band Bloodhound Gang. They released the HER 'Razorblade Romance' around the Boston area, and once HIMUniversal Records. and now can release their albums under it. The American albums were released under regained the rights to their name, they rereleased 'Razorblade Romance' nationwide under

Multiple versions of this album exist, including the Finnish and German version with tracks one to eleven below; a German limited Digipak edition with two bonus tracks; a vinyl version in a run of 1,200 copies, released in March 2000; and a new British version in 2000 with new versions of "Your Sweet Six Six Six" and "Wicked Game"; two different U.S. versions with theBritish tracklisting, plus "Sigillum Diaboli" and "One Last Time"(one had a Parental AdvisoryU.S. vinyl released in 2005 featuring the same track listing of the U.S. label and one did not); another U.S. edition released under the name "HER" with "The 9th Circle" added; a special CD; and a few others.


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Razorblade Romance (2000)


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