Earn Money by Running Ads on Your Web Log

Run Ads on Your Blog

One of the most common ways bloggers are cashing in on web logs is by running advertisements. If you wish to automate your blog ads service, two of the most popular services available are: Google AdSense and BlogAds.

Using some ad services, such as Google AdSense, is just a matter of signing up for the service, customizing the code, and adding the code in to your blog. With ad services like BlogAds, you need to submit an application and get approved before you can use the service.

Even if your blog is not in the 'Top Weblogs List,' you can still profit from running ads. One way to make this work is by writing specialized and targeted content. For example, if you're passionate about vintage clothes, you can see that there are advertisers for this topic when you do a search on Google. So, go ahead and write about what you're passionate about and make sure to add your ad service codes not only in the main page of your weblog but also in the individual archived entries.

One thing you might want to keep in mind before signing up for any ad network service is that some of them may not allow you to run several codes from various services in one page. Always check the terms and conditions to verify this.

To see what other ad network service is currently available, see Advertising Networks for Blog Publishers. You can also check out Webster Flooble's Ad Network Listing.

Advertising Networks for Blog Publishers
Chitika e MiniMalls
This is great service i am using it.Easy to sign up and start to earn money with different ways(advertisement,banners,refferers)
This is one of the more popular ad service that bloggers use. You need to submit an application and get approved before you can use the service.
Casale Media
It's a sleek ad network system that's currently servicing pop-only ad service. You earn 70% of the ads.
Fast Click
It services several types of good quality ads where you can earn 65% of ad revenues. However, you need to make an application first before getting approved and it's not always easy to get approval.
Google AdSense
Probably the most popular ad service that's currently used by bloggers. It is easy to sign up and get started.
It's an ad network servicing text-only advertisements. You only need to sign up and add the code in to your blog to get started. It seems active but content-specific ads may not come regularly.


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