Depeche mode - exciter

Exciter is Depeche Mode's tenth full-length album, which was released on May 14, 2001 in the UK and May 15 in the US. It uses more digital music technology compared to their other albums. It was produced by Mark Bell of Bjork fame. It also had several songs which became big hits in clubs, like "I Feel Loved". The album also launched the Exciter Tour, which was one of the band's most successful tours.

Exciter went gold in the U.S., selling 426,000 units there as of April 2006. For some fans, however, this is believed to be the weakest of the band's post-1986 albums, while Exciter is prized by other Depeche Mode fans.


bulut on 5:54 am said...
01 - Dream On.MP3
02 - Shine.MP3
03 - The Sweetest Condition.MP3
04 - When the Body Speaks.MP3
05 - The Dead of Night.MP3
06 - Lovetheme.MP3
07 - Freelove.MP3
08 - Comatose.MP3
09 - I Feel Loved.MP3
10 - Breathe.MP3
11 - Easy Tiger.MP3
12 - I Am You.MP3
13 - Goodnight Lovers.MP3

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