Deep Purple - Speed King the Fastest Tracks (2006)

[01] Speed King (Live) [07:35]
[02] A Twist in the Tale [04:17]
[03] Highway Star (Live) [06:44]
[04] Wicked Ways [06:33]
[05] The Battle Rages on (Live) [05:56]
[06] Cascades I’m Not Your Lover [04:42]
[07] Black Night (Live) [05:51]
[08] Vavoom Ted the Mechanic [04:16]
[09] A Castle Full of Rascals [05:09]
[10] Too Much is Not Enough [04:16]
[11] Rosa’s Cantina [05:10]
[12] Anya [06:34]

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Deep Purple is the name of a British rock group, and is also the name of a song composed by Peter De Rose, from which the band borrowed its name. They are one of the first and most famous hard rock bands. They are considered pioneers of heavy metal, though have never considered themselves a heavy metal band.


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