Deep Purple - Fireball

Fireball is a hard rock album by Deep Purple. It was released in 1971 and was the second studio LP by the classic lineup of the group. On this LP you can find a little bit of pretty much everything. The hard rocking title track starts off the album, but here you also can find some country blues on "Anyone's Daughter" and some signs of progressive rock on "Fools". The hit single from the album sessions was the boogie-inspired "Strange Kind of Woman", which appeared on the U.S version of the album in place of "Demon's Eye". "Freedom" was an vain attempt to mimic the single hit formula of "Black Night".


Rodrigo Palominos on 6:23 pm said...

i have this CD...amazing, very good job of Deep Purple.

bulut on 4:53 pm said...

01 - Fireball
02 - No No No
03 - Strange Kind of Woman
04 - Anyone's Daughter
05 - The Mule
06 - Fools
07 - No One Came

Anonymous said...

what' the pw

yo! said...

The password, please.

bulut on 8:48 am said...

sorry for this but i dont have the pass,
very old post.

Anonymous said...

the pw's 'eddie'

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