Badly Drawn Boy - How Did I Get Here?

Japanese only singles & b-sides collection.
It is not identical to The Hour Of Bewilderbeast, but it is similar and near in quality. This album was written prior to Bewilderbeast, so that should also be noted and considered. There is less music on it, and it has less lyrical prominences. The instrumental sections are still excellent, and the lyrical songs are still catchy, and their unique sound is still there. It does seem that they had further mastered their sound by the time they created their latest album though.


bulut on 10:04 am said...

1. My Friend Cubilas
2. I Need a Sign
3. Interlude
4. Meet on the Horizon
5. Road Movie
6. Kerplunk by Candlelight
7. It Came from the Ground
8. Outside Is a Light, No. 1
9. Soul Attitude
10. Whirlpool - Badly Drawn Boy, Andy Votel
11. It Came from the Ground [Andy Votel Mix]

Anonymous said...

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