01 - Intro
02 - Wake Up
03 - N'hood #2 (Laika)
04 - No Cars Go
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05 - Une Anee Sans Lumiere
06 - N'hood #3 (Power Out)
07 - Rebellion
08 - N'hood #4 (7 Kettles)
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09 - Crown Of Love
10 - N'hood #1 (Tunnels)
11 - Outro
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You should listen this album very melodic and impresive,sensible songs.You should discover arcade fire's music.My recommends are:no cars go,rebellion,crown of love,wake up(they are singing wit David Bowie),
N'hood #2 (Laika) and after all of them...:).And I wanna to say David Bowie is fan of them like us...:)
The Arcade Fire is an indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec. Its members are Win Butler, RĂ©gine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Sarah Neufeld, and Jeremy Gara. Howard Bilerman
Members play piano, violin, viola, cello, xylophone, keyboard, French horn, accordion, and harp.


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