What is Modern Music?
Modern Music is a great place for independent rock music or new artists, and also we have a mission to make good music accessible to people. So that makes MM heavenly blog for rock music. MM is a collection of great music albums. Please take the time to visit each of the reviews listed on this page to learn more about new artists and buy their albums and, when you're through buying up all the CDs or iTunes tracks, click on some of the blog's sponsors so that they may keep providing us with such great information.

How Can I get my band reviewed By Modern Music?
If you have band that you would like added or reviewed, send your band info
and mail copy of your work to me (Cd, Ep, Promo). I'll be glad to listen and
post comments about your works.
You can ask a mail adress from buluthim at gmail.com

Have a favorite service that isn't listed here?
Tell me about it - I'm sure I can work something out.

I am an artist or label and I don't want my band's songs linked to from MM - who do I talk to about this?
Although Modern Music is only meant to give our users a taste of something different so that they can discover new artists, buy their albums, tell their friends, go to their shows and make them pretty darn popular with little or no effort or budget on the part of the artist or label, I understand that there may be some legal issues with the tracks listed on the site. Email me and I'll have it removed as soon as possible.

How often do you guys update?
New reviews, news or band infos will be posted every day.

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