Soft Cell - Live - 2003

Their second album in 19 years is a live double album recorded during the bands 2003 European tour. Generally live albums are really an excuse for a greatest hits album with some crowd sing-alongs thrown in, good in their own way but meaningless unless you were there. This one is no exception although as well as the hits it does include several tracks from their 2002 album ‘Cruelty Without Beauty’.

Almond’s witty lyrics are prevalent in tracks such as ‘Caligula Syndrome’ and ‘Martin’ but it is the infamous electronic sound backing the camp dramatic tones of ‘The Art Of Falling Apart’ and ‘Heat’ that are truly Soft Cell. However the only real interest in the album apart from Almond’s orgasmic groans on ‘Sex Dwarf’ are of course the classic hits, which seem to carry the whole album. ‘Bedsitter’, the clubland favourite of the 80s, shows Almond at his humorous best, then of course there is the ubiquitous ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘Where Did Our Love Go’. The highlight though is a song that even David Gray couldn’t ruin, the great anthem ‘Say Hello Wave Goodbye’.


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